Energy Industries reduces business energy bills 30% at zero cost

Energy IndustriesTalk about visionary... Darren Kimura presciently founded Energy Industries in Hilo, Hawaii in 1994. When oil was twenty-something a barrel... Read More...

We love Netflix

Netflix No more trips to rent videos, we've switched to Netflix because it's a NO COMPROMISE value. The postman stops at our house every day already (and their warehouses are local in most cities), so we save money, time and energy when renting videos, with a bigger selection and less angst.

Netflix has local warehouses so their videos come & go by mail truck - no wasteful air cargo.

Blockbuster also rents online...

Alaskan Field failure demonstrates US energy security problems

The failure and shutdown of one pipeline in Alaska that supplies 400,000 barrels per day of oil took 8% of the US oil supply out for months. OPEC had only 1.2 million barrels per day of excess supply that could be used to make up for this gap. It is no surprise that oil prices were driven up to $75 per barrel on this news which demonstrates how vulnerable the aging US oilfields are, and how little additional oil is available in the world.

Use Half.

DOE, EPA & Utilities Launch National Action Plan For Energy Efficiency

Today fifty utilities along with the Dept. of Energy and EPA released a preliminary Action Plan for Energy Efficiency.
The goal of the National Action Plan for Energy Efficiency is to create a sustainable, aggressive national commitment to energy efficiency through gas and electric utilities, utility regulators, and partner organizations.

OK, it's a start. But tell us why utilities aren't already the largest retailers of energy saving light bulbs or fans? They already have our shipping addresses and bill us monthly. We can simply check a box on our bill and receive products a week later. If they prefer not to stock & ship the items themselves, they can outsource and take a sales commission from a mail order fulfillment house. The business is likely to be more profitable than power generation and is unregulated.