Time For Airlines To Pay Fuel Tax

Unlike every other transportation mode, airliners don’t pay fuel tax.
Trains pay fuel tax, cars & buses pay, ferries and ships pay, trucks pay. (So do farm tractors and construction equipment.) Airliners don’t and this is neither right nor fair.
It is time to fix this now.

Free Rider...

Unlike vehicles, trains, boats and other fuel users, airlines pay no or fuel taxes virtually worldwide. In the U.S., airlines pay 8% of what other transportation methods use. They also do not pay state sales taxes while ferries and other transportation do.

This means other transportation methods subsidize airlines.

What To Do?

Flying 30% more efficiently and quieter too...

Imagine an airliner that does everything as well or better than its competitors, but burns 30% less fuel per seat, is quieter, and costs less to maintain and operate...
BombardierQ400

Retrofitting airliners to save energy

Seeing those upturned wing ends on more airliners? "Winglets" make airliners 6 - 7% more fuel efficient. Aviation Partners, the Seattle company that produces most winglets says it has saved airlines over 1.3 billion gallons of fuel by retrofitting older airliners and business jets. The wingletted aircraft also fly farther and climb faster for a smoother ride.

Aviation Partners also supplies Boeing with winglets for new 737s. Kudos to Southwest, American Airlines and Continental Airlines for retrofitting fuel saving winglets on hundreds of aircraft.

Saving energy with without compromise, and creating skilled jobs in America. That's what Use Half is about.