TEN THINGS to reduce your home or business energy bill by 30%

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Use Half CFL BulbSave up to 15% of your energy bill for less than $100. Replace lightbulbs inside and out with CFLs which cut energy use 75% vs. regular bulbs, keep your home cool and last 10 times longer than regular bulbs. Click to get 'em from Amazon at low prices. (CFLs can burn out fast if they turn on for just a short time like a garage light, and be sure to use "dimmable CFLs" if you have dimmer switches.)

2. Replace or clean your heater / air conditioner air filter regularly and save up to 25% on heating and air conditioning costs.

3. Save up to 7% of your energy bill free. Turn off your PC, monitors, TVs & copiers at night. Use the "energy saver" mode on all equipment. Use a
Smart Strip to automagically turn off printers, monitors or DVD players and audio equipment when you turn your PC or TV off.

4. Save up to 4% of your energy bill free. Turn your fridge & freezers to a medium setting. If your fridge has an energy saving or ECO switch, turn it on.

water heater blanket Save up to 5% of your energy bill. Turn your water heater thermostat to middle or just below and wrap it in an insulating blanket in five minutes.

6. Drink tap water & eliminate some of the 20 billion plastic water bottles that fill our trash each year. Use a
water filter if you must, but most tap water is already cleaner than bottled water. Refill those water bottles.

7. Save up to 5%. Weather strip, seal windows, and close the drapes in your home during the hot part of the day to reduce air conditioning load. Close up rooms you don't use and turn off air conditioning and heating vents in those rooms.

8. Save up to 1% of your energy bill free. Run your dishwasher only when it's full. Run the hot water tap until it's hot before turning on the dishwasher so it doesn't have to heat the water.

9. Shop online. The postman, UPS and FedEx drive past your house every day so the energy consumption of your shopping trip is eliminated. (Not to mention time & angst!) Whether it's from
Amazon, videos from Netflix (always goes by ground), eBay, Williams-Sonoma, or Victoria's Secret, get it online. BUT - ship by ground to eliminate energy hogging airfreight.

10. Install a timer thermostat for your heating and water heater to manage temperatures during the day & night.