Pull the plug on your PC or Home Theater

Looks like a surge protector power strip, right? It is, but the aptly-named Smart Strip has a big difference...
...When you turn off your PC or TV, the Smart Strip automagically turns off power-hogging peripheral devices such as monitors, printers or CD & DVD players, audio systems, etc. (The red outlets stay live all the time for items that must stay on such as a DVR, etc.)

What we secretly love about this device is that it simplifies your life. You'll never need to remember turn off the power strip or unplug those "wall worts" again. The strip can pay for itself in six months from the power savings - we think this is a no compromise win!

You must adjust the sensitivity for your PC or TV by turning it on and off a couple of times, but once this is done, fuhgeddaboudit!
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