Hale Zero: The Zero Energy Home

Hale is the Hawai`ian word for home. This is a net zero energy home. Is this possible without being slightly unlivable, expensive, chic only to the eco-freak, and exotic?

If we draw on the time-tested principles that made homes livable before electricity, coupled with iconic and efficient architectural design, and a few modern technologies, a low or zero energy home can be achieved. Read on for how these principles can make a livable, economical, zero-energy home today?


Alt-E: Crossing The Valley of Death

We admit Alternative Energy isn’t our usual topic - however it is a crucial component of the energy equation. Alt-E companies from startups to General Electric wind turbines have three new challenges which is not good news unless you’re a fossil fuel company.

1. Project Finance has largely dried up. The construction & operating loans that builds wind farms, solar arrays or biofuel refineries that sell electricity (or biofuel) to electric utilities or fuel distributors are gone to the twin victims of credit-crunch, lower energy purchase prices and lower energy demand...Read More...