REALLY fixing Detroit

Taxpayers have pumped over $20B into Detroit with more to com - yet it is a band aid, not a fix. To be sure, Detroit and its unions have been their own worst enemies but government regulation is a close second. Deregulation and synchronization with global standards are the key to the survival of the US auto industry. Here’s what needs to change to ensure economic viability AND environmental sustainability of this industry. Read More...

Time For Airlines To Pay Fuel Tax

Unlike every other transportation mode, airliners don’t pay fuel tax.
Trains pay fuel tax, cars & buses pay, ferries and ships pay, trucks pay. (So do farm tractors and construction equipment.) Airliners don’t and this is neither right nor fair.
It is time to fix this now.

Free Rider...

Unlike vehicles, trains, boats and other fuel users, airlines pay no or fuel taxes virtually worldwide. In the U.S., airlines pay 8% of what other transportation methods use. They also do not pay state sales taxes while ferries and other transportation do.

This means other transportation methods subsidize airlines.

What To Do?

Our government will PAY YOU to Use Half

Like to receive $10,000 in tax credits and rebates if you buy a car, insulate, replace light bulbs and add solar water heating and perhaps $2,000 or more off your gas and utility bills every year for ever...?